About Member Assist

Member Assist provides advice and assistance to delegates and members on how to act collectively to achieve better working conditions.

Member Assist is a specialised team of experts in the Union office that provides:

information on how you can resolve issues directly with your employer
information on members' rights at work
interpretation of workplace agreements, awards and other workplace documentation
help with negotiations with employers on issues that can't be resolved directly by the workplace delegate
access to non-industrial services including free will kits, funeral benefit, legal referrals.

Our objective is to respond to requests from members and delegates within 2 working days.

If Member Assist negotiates an issue on your behalf after your workplace delegate has dealt with the matter, the timeframes for resolution can be as little as:

2 weeks for dismissals
1-4 weeks for underpayment claims

However in a limited number of cases where Member Assist is unable to negotiate a successful resolution of your issue with your employer, some matters may take substantially longer. If this becomes the case you will be notified.