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Member Assist Update

Member Assist Online has been in operation since May 2009 with members’ having expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the quick response to their enquiries and requests for assistance.

"Member Assist was and continues to be a fantastic initiative of United Voice," Branch Secretary, Gary Bullock said.
"It provides a hub of expertise for union members and delegates who require advice and/or assistance with workplace issues.

"Our main objective is to ensure all requests from United Voice members and delegates are responded to expediently and that more than 99% of matters are resolved by the Member Assist team themselves.

"The team provides members and delegates with advice on how to act collectively in their workplace in resolving matters directly with their employer.

"In the very small number of cases where Member Assist cannot resolve a matter themselves, they pass it onto a United Voice Industrial Officer to resolve in the Fair Work Australia Commission or Court.”

United Voice Member Assist Online provides members and delegates with a simple and more effective method of contacting their union for advice and assistance at a time which suits them.

Member Assist Online is primarily for the use of workplace delegates who require information or advice to assist them in resolving workplace issues or enquiries with fellow members end employers.

Workplace delegates are responsible for organising their workplace and collectively resolving workplace issues for members.
Members should seek the assistance of their workplace delegate in resolving issues within their workplace. Only where there is no workplace delegate should a member contact Member Assist.

To assist members further, Member Assist Online offers a number of informative fact sheets regarding the rights of members and delegates. Select the ‘Members’ Rights’ link from the menu options on the left to locate these fact sheets.